Pavel Kazhdan

Pavel serves at Formulex Pharma Innovations as Chief Technology Officer.

His responsibilities include management of the product development department, initiation, approval and implementation of production operation instructions, controlling of process validation and equipment calibration procedures.

Prior to Formulex Pavel served at Solubest Ltd., as Chief Technologist & Production Manager. Pavel also worked for Licored Pharma and Nesher Solution (KV Pharma division). He brings nearly 20 years of experience and knowledge in pharmaceutical industry and GMP environmental. He is one of the leading experts in the formulation development of solid and semi-solid dosage forms using fluid bed encapsulation, wet and dry granulation, spray and freeze drying, tablets compression, capsules and films preparations. Pavel is co-inventor of Omexa, Brain Delivery System by Inhalation and Combinations IPs.

Pavel holds a Master of Science Degree in Food Technology from Kiev Technological University.