Anna Berman

Head of Analytical Department, M.Sc.

Anna is an experienced professional in the field of analytical pharmaceutical chemistry, specifically in HPLC, LCMS, and DISSOLUTION methods development and validations. With a remarkable career spanning over 20 years, Anna has established herself as a leading expert in her field.

Prior to joining Formulex, Anna held the position of Head of the Analytical Department at Solubest Ltd. for more than ten years. During her tenure at Solubest, she gained extensive experience in working within a GMP/GLP environment, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and maintaining high-quality standards.

Before her time at Solubest, Anna worked at Analyst Ltd. and Aminolab Pharma, further enhancing her expertise in analytical pharmaceutical chemistry.

As the leader of Formulex’s Analytical Department, Anna assumes several crucial responsibilities. She is responsible for establishing validation protocols, developing and approving sampling instructions, specifications, and test methods, as well as other quality control (QC) procedures. Additionally, Anna oversees the approval of contracted monitor analysis, coordinates the validation of analytical procedures, and ensures the calibration of control equipment.

Anna’s educational background includes a Master of Science degree in civil engineering from Saint-Petersburg Technological University. Her diverse academic background and extensive practical experience contribute to her exceptional skills and knowledge in the field of analytical pharmaceutical chemistry.

With Anna’s leadership and expertise, Formulex is well-positioned to maintain the highest quality standards and provide reliable analytical solutions in the pharmaceutical industry.